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D hook, 1.75ozs of fingering sport, 29 (74cm) of white (1cm) wide ribbon
Abbreviations: ch- chain, sc- single crochet, dc- double crochet,yoh - yarn over hook, - slip stitch, rep - repeat, beg - begining.

Cluster - yoh, hook through next st, yoh, pull through, yoh, hook through same st, yoh, pull yarn through, yoh pull through 5 loops. Triple cluster mean repeating this stitch 3 times in same stitch

Using D hook make 80ch, join with to make ring.
Row 1: ch1, 1sc into each ch to end, into beg sc.
Row 2: ch3, 1dc into next 2sts, ch1, sk 1st, * 1dc into next 3sts, ch1, sk 1st, rep from * to end, into top of beg ch-3.
Row 3: ch1, 1sc into each dc and ch.sp to end, into top beg ch-3.
Row 4: ch3, sk 2sts, * (1dc, ch1, 1dc) into next st, sk 2sts, 3 clusters into next st, sk 2sts, rep from * to end, into top of beg ch-3.
Row 5: ch3, * 3 clusters into ch.sp, (1dc, ch1, 1dc) into 2nd cluster, rep from * to end, into top of beg ch-3.
Row 6: ch3, * (1dc, ch1, 1dc) into 2nd cluster, 3 clusters in ch.sp, rep to end, into top of beg ch-3.
Rep 5th and 6th rows 5 more times
Divide for legs
Ch1, * 1sc into next 3 clusters, 1sc into each 1dc, ch.sp and 1dc, rep from * 4 more times, 1sc into next 3 clusters.
Bring hook round to the first ch1 and to join (33sts)
Scalloped Edging Row: ch1, 1sc into same st, * 1sc into cluster, 7dc into ch.sp, rep from * to end, into top of 1st sc. Fasten off yarn.
Leave 2 patterns on back and front for crotch and rep the edging on the other leg to match Thread 29 (74cm) of the (0.5cm) ribbon around the ribbon row

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