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We have realised that we have a lot of patterns and we need more testers
Don't worry if you are not contacted straight away as if we have enough testers we put everyone on a list and we work our way down.

We want to make sure that our patterns are 100% perfect. Our patterns are double checked but we want to make sure.


- Testers are required to do a "test pattern" and at least one trial pattern

- You are required to sign a confidentiality agreement

- We will supply you with the pattern for free

- We will ask you for any stitch errors, typing errors, clarity of instructions, difficulty rating & anything else!!!!!

- You must make the item to the gauge/tension supplied in the pattern. We need to know that the item can be made in to the same size as we have made it

- After your trial we will set a price for each pattern tested (uaually starts at 10 depending on work involved)

- We may sometimes ask to buy the test piece from your for our photos, we normally come to an arranged price then but you don't have to sell it to us if you don't want to

- You can sell any items made from the pattern- but not the pattern itself

If you are interested please fill in the form to the side and we will get back to you.

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Your E-Mail:
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How long have you been knitting/ crocheting

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