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It is so lovely to produce a pattern for an item and then hear back from cutomers that it is easy and that they love the result. Here we have added some of those lovely comments!!

Please leave any comments in the box to the right

-------- Testimonials----------

"All of the patterns are absolutely gorgeous, Delivery was lightning quick. I love all your patterns. This purchase brings my total of your paterns to 19. They are easy to follow and turn out beautiful. Thanks!"


"I just received my patterns pdf email and I just wanted to say massive thank you. I've never attempted a proper pattern before (except scarves) so I was a bit dubious to buy it. I've never really found any that I saw and thought "I have to do that" but with your's it just jumped at me and said "buy me, buy me". I was going to get my aunt to help me out (a lot) but now having looked the pattern over, I doubt I'll need very much help at all. It's all so clear written and "do-able". So thank you again"

From Carmen

"Thankyou for such a quick service and such lovely patterns.Keep them coming (cant wait for the next one)"


"Thank you so much for sending the patterns so quickly. I have already started crocheting the first one you sent. I have never had such an easy to follow pattern like this before. I will never buy another crotchet pattern from a shop again and it looks really good. I am doing the main colour white and the contrast in pale blue, a little different from the usual pink or lemon and white for a baby girl. The knitted one is looking great as well and again a really straight forward easy to follow pattern.I am so pleased to see patterns that are so different from the usual run of the mill ones that are in the shops. Where I live we only have one shop that sells patterns etc so my choice was limited but not any more. Thanks for the lovely patterns and keep up the good work "

From Janette

"What a lovely pattern, so easy to follow and came outlooking just like the pattern picture. Highly delighted and would buy again."


" that sailor dress is precious. thank you for it".


"These are the most professionally produced patterns that I have bought on line. Fabulous service, fabulous designs and very reasonably priced. Absolutely delighted. Please create more doll patterns especially for EMMY. Many thanks"


"Thank you do much for my patterns. These outfits are absoutely beautiful. I have not made any of them yet, but I will be soon. I make a lot of baby layettes and I have never seen any as beautiful as yours. Thanks again for your creations!"

From Sheila

"I have bought 17 of your crochet patterns. They are fantastic. Beautiful and simple to follow. I would advise anyone who likes to crochet to buy your patterns. The communication with you is great. Thanks so much for all the beautiful patterns


"I have just started the Angel's grace set, just finished the bonnet and it looks beautiful with the knitting in lace, cannot wait to get started on the rest, good patterns and easy to follow, will deff be back for more"

From Kitty

"Good morning,I just had to write and let you know how much I'm enjoying your patterns. I bought almost all your patterns last winter and I love them. I'm currently working on "Angels Grace"(I just taught myself to knit)And it's going wonderfully.The instructions are so easy to understand that I haven't been lost once.Of course your designs are gorgeous and I can't wait to purchase the newest 7 knit patterns as they are just stunning.And my SIL was floored over the 3 outfits I made for my new neice.I just wish I had remebered to take a picture of them. Thank you for all the wonderful designs and keep up the great work.

Heather (wis,usa)

"I am delighted with the beautiful pattern I bought recently. Looking forward to crocheting this lovely set. All of your patterns are gorgeous. Thank you for creating such wonderful patterns :-)". So thank you again"

Yvonne- N.Z

"Thank you for yet another gorgeous pattern, so quickly delivered.I really look forward to recieving your patterns they are so easy to do and always look beautiful when made. "

From Chris

"I just received my pattern, thankyou for the fast delivery. These little hats are so classy looking, I'm going to have fun making them. The pattern is well presented, easy to understand and professional looking, I am very impressed".

Lynne Pattern 84

"I was searching the internet for some beautiful baby patterns to crochet. I was tired of the same ole stuff you always see done for babies and was searching for something really delicate and different. I came upon your site. Your patterns are so beautiful and unusual. I just love your patterns. They keep me busy for hours and have brought me much enjoyment. They are easy to follow and well written. Your site was very easy to order from and I had my patterns within minutes. I have also been in contact with Shirey and she is very sweet and helpful. I will keep coming back and back. Thanks again for the beautiful patterns. "

From Keisha

"I have about 20 of these beautiful patterns now. I'm afraid I'm addicted :) The delivery is fast, fast, fast, and in my 40 some years of knitting and crocheting these are by far the easiest patterns to follow. I'm working on the super snuggly sleeping bag and everywhere I go it gets oohs and ahhs. Simply gorgeous. I will continue to collect these till they run out of ideas,(which I hope doesn't ever happen). Thanks again for the unbeatable beautiful patterns. ".

Polly Pattern 41

"You have gorgeous patterns on here, I stopped crocheting years ago (only made blankets and starves) but now I can't stop myself from making stuff. The patterns seem easier to understand, the designs are so gorgeous. Thank you so much." "

From Babsee

"I am in the process of knitting the papoose on the above pattern - I have done some basic knitting before but nothing too difficult - this pattern is fantastic, all instructions are nexplained and I am getting on really well. Love the patterns on the website, have also downloaded an all in one with hat and will let you know how I get on, keep the fantastic patterns coming!!!! ".

Meryl Pattern128

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"I have just ordered my first two of many patterns to come. I have not made one thing yet, but I have to tell you, every minute I am looking at your site! These designs are absolutely beautiful and I can think of nothing else but making them. I am very excited because I have not been able to find designs to my taste until now. I'm a bit nervous about following them, but the testimonials are very encouraging, so I'm going to do it! Thank you so very much, I intend to purchase your whole collection as I consider these keepsakes. Thanks again"

From Janice

"Hi there,Its karen i have bought a few patterns from you and i have just finished the sherbet set. I am new to crochet only been doing it for a couple of months now and i learnt from your instructions so many thanks for that. Anyway here is the photo and im so pleased with it,once again thankyou and keep up the good work hun! love from karen xxx"

From Karen

"It's brilliant being able to buy patterns that are so easy to follow ! I think knitting / crocheting is, unfortunately, a dying art, and trying to get hold of decent patterns is a nightmare !! I have 4 young grandchildren - with another 4 on the way ! So guess who is asked to make all the shawls, bootees, bonnets etc ! I have bought a number of your patterns, which are absolutely gorgeous,and can be easily filed for future reference.Plus they're despatched so quickly."

From Janise

"Hi, this isnt a question. I would just like to say that I have bought 3 of your patterns they were a joy knit, unlike other patterns I have bought of ebay by far yours were the best, I did not have to alter them in any way the instructions were spot on. They are absolutely gorgeous when knitted up. I also bought your crochet guide and atlast I can crochet, not very well but with a bit more practise I will be ready to buy your crochet patterns. I cant wait. Keep up the good work and thankyou. Kind Regards"

From Lesley

"I was able to follow the directions very easily. The pattern didn't all of a sudden change course and throw me for a loop like some others have! I have 2 other patterns I haven't tried yet but am now looking forward to sucess without a hitch! Thank you and know that your name is going places with me!

From Sue

"Thanks for my patterns I haven't started any yet but i have looked through them and they are really easy to follow. I am new to the internet and really pleased I stumbled across your patterns I will be purchasing more Thanks again."

From Susan

"I just received my pdf file for this pattern. My mother taught me to crochet when I was just 5 years old. I have moved from South Africa to England and I can't find any nice crochet patterns. I was so delighted when I discovered your website on Ebay. I can't wait to start crocheting. I will buy more patterns from you. I think having a pdf file is so much more convient to receive, because I receive it straight away I have just started on the Snowpuff blanket pattern and it'sso easy. I can't wait to finish the pattern" From Petro

"I love the patterns, the service and the end result. I am a new crocheter but the easy to follow pattern made a beautiful dress and headband, I am now making the coat. Just wish I had more hours in the day to make these fantastic baby clothes.."

From Lyn

"thank you so much, i have just bought quite a few of your patterns and love them. took me about 15 mins to crochet your headband and i love it. i am sure my granddaughter will love it on her reborn doll. gonna start another one of your patterns, not sure which one yet as they are all so beautiful. thank you again" From Libby pattern 25

"I have just finished using this pattern and what a joy it was. The pattern was so easy to follow and the jacket looks SO lovely. Even the offer of help from yourselves gives one more confidence to try them. Thank you so much!."

From Dorothy pattern 2

"The sailor dress turned out beautiful. I'm already buying two more patterns, 220 and 181, to try next. The fact that I can get them on my Kindle is the icing on the cake!" From Morgan pattern 184

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